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Cliente: Revived Water
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«A new, innovative seawater desalination pilot plant, installed by the Horizon 2020 project REvivED water, uses the combination of electrodialysis (ED), reverse electrodialysis (RED) and reverse osmosis (RO) technology to produce safe, clean drinking water from seawater in a more energy efficient and affordable way. Co-located with the Burriana wastewater treatment plant, this pilot aims to demonstrate the impact such systems can have on helping to address the world’s growing water access issues.»

«The balance between drinking water demand and water availability has reached a critical level in many regions of the world. Factors such as climate change are causing more frequent and severe droughts which exacerbate these adverse conditions. With seawater making up 97.5% of the world’s water resources, low energy desalination solutions will be a crucial part of providing sufficient levels of good quality drinking water for a growing world population.

REvivED water, a new research and innovation project funded under the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme in the field of ‘low-energy solutions for drinking water’, brings together ten partners from six countries across Europe that will contribute to overcoming the drinking water challenge by establishing electrodialysis (ED) as the new standard for desalination of seawater.»